Final Major Project. Week Five

Week 5

Continuation of lady on red.

creating the correct proportion
creating the correct proportion

The proportion of the head to the body was incorrect so I have enlarged it but I am struggling to get it correct.

I am wanting the head turned into the shoulder to give her a look of shyness. The curve of the spine was too low so I positioned it higher and flattened out the back and increased the size of the breast.

The arm is just suggested line as anything more and it will be a distraction from the form.




correcting errors in proportion
correcting errors in proportion

Having the head shortened to bring the face further into the shoulder works better. The line of the arm directs the viewers eye directly up to eye of the lady

The hair of the lady needs texture but adding too much will be distracting and too little will look flat. I solved this by adding in contrast then obliterating it with another layer of red paint which simplified it.

finished lady in red
finished lady in red

I finished the week by planning and building a canvas for another painting of the same size and style but in blue as a direct contrast to the warm red.


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