Final Major Project. Week Four

After concentrating heavily on mono printing and the female form I decided to have a very in-depth think about what I am doing and why.
My conclusion:

Within my practise I have become aware of the constant re-occurrence of line and geometric shapes. I am drawn to the beautiful aesthetic of the female form which to me is the symbol of life (another common repeating theme within my work.)
Currently I am very drawn to the contrast between a square and a circle.

I am attempting to recreate a print, that I created last week, onto canvas.


I have built a canvas that is 4ft x 4ft out of pine with a double cross bar in the centre. my chosen palette of colour is acrylic crimson red, cadium red, cobalt blue to add shade and black and white for definition

starting point
starting point

The red square on white of the print worked very well in the print.
Having the background the same colour as the body helps create a lack of definition for the female from the background.

Having the solid colour as a background and then working into it also saves time blocking in areas at a later date and gives a fuller picture faster than starting with just line which works well with mono printing.




drawing the figure
drawing the figure

I have drawn the figure in so that all the lines direct the eye to the head.
I have added a solid black line around parts of the body to give the illusion of form as it adds shading

I am keeping my painting quite simple and suggestive rather than photographic as that is my chosen style, and it is not meant to be fully representational.


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