An art students mistakes

So as I start my journey on completing my art degree, that I started back in 2006, I am filled with memories of that time and the mistakes that I made.

10 things that u will probably buy that are useless and not worth the money:
1. Cheap paint in tiny tubes (dull and there isn’t enough)
2. Floppy sketch books
3. Cheap paper (the stuff that felt pens soak through)
4. Matching stationary (art students are nutorious pen thieves )
5. All the books on the suggested reading list ( use the library)
6. Cheap canvas to paint on. (Handy yes but look terrible)
7. A cheap digital camera ( get a proper one if u need to I suggest a nikon but u need to be able to change the settings on it and ur looking to spend £300+  and then u probably won’t use it unless you decide that photography is your media of choice. Just draw everything instead)
8. New clothes. ( I give them a month tops before they are covered in stuff even Sunday best)
9. New shoes. She above.
10. All the equipment you think your going to need for the year all at once. ( I still have alot of materials left. Buy as you need just have a stock of general stationary and a decent sketch book)


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