Mature students university story.

Day two

Today we had a bit of a late start at 1330. We checked out the other pub for lunch when we arrived which had loads better options and was also cheaper and cleaner. Winner.
U had a bottle of cider with my dinner something I later regretted as I sat through a Library induction.

Considering it was a library induction we didn’t go into the actual library to have a look round. The induction was a basic power point of how to use it and I do admit that I still don’t have a clue.
I am a learn by doing sort of person and people stood talking without any interaction is the worst way for me to learn as I get completly distracted by the nearest shiny thing…

Ooo shiny.

We spent the late afternoon wandering round the middlesbrough institute of modern art meeting the curators.
A gallery that I have had a drawing displayed In when I was 1 of 50 participants for the chorus project.
Again I got distracted by shiny things.. this time it was a jenny holzer piece. Fantastic work. 

And then due to studying in the city of fog we got rained on and drenched on the way back to the car and got stuck in traffic rush hour. I’m currently laid in bed attempting to write this while my eyes do the flight path of slowly down and up again fighting the blackness of sleep that is attempting to overwhelm me.

Day 2 finished

Good night x


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