The story of university as told by a mature student

So today I start my next step, I enroll onto my final degree year at a new university. This is my story of the first day updated as often as possible.

The daughter is at school, it’s raining and I am very wet. Decided I’m gonna wear comfort over style today so I opt for my jeans and hoodie and some nice comfy (paint covered) black boots. After over thinking things I decide that I need my war face on (make up). I generally don’t wear make up as I simply don’t feel the need to, however today I will be (hopefully) meeting alot of new people, and I have found that a woman with no make up on are often looked upon as overly confident and it makes other people (mainly other woman) feel insecure.
Waiting for my carpool guests to arrive before I set off I listen to a whole host of sexist male jokes spewing from the only male in the groups mouth whilst he tries to calm everyone’s nervesĀ  including his own and giggling along with him knowing full well it is meant in jest and replying with get out my house you male pig.

So after completely ignoring the fact that I was going to return to my degree, for the entire summer I am now sat here all student like. One leg slung over the arm of the chair leaning back against the other side; sipping a hot mocha; wearing my cosy new hoodie, with the school logo on, proudly; whilst conversing with my friends who are joining me on the epic mission of life.


My nerves are on the edge of their seat. I have no idea what to expect from the day as each university is different. We are literally sat in the nearest dryest place to our registration point. Am I excited for the journey ahead or completly nervous about joining this new university on the final year of the degree?

Registration was very straight forward. Hand over identification and acceptance letter, get given back a new student card.
I am now officially a fine art degree student at Teesside university.

My nerves and anxiety gave me a sudden boost of adrenaline and I currently feel like I could run a few miles.
So we have just been told to go wait upstairs for a tutor to come along and wait by the couches.. what couches. So we have pulled up some floor and are sat giggling away in our little group to the adrenaline fueled stories of the summer whilst the freshers look on in distaste of being by themselves. ( I have been their it is not pleasant experiencing it all by yourself especially in a new city.)

After quickly looking around at the MA exhibition we decide to grab some lunch. We head back to the pub we claimed when we arrived and find a rather short menu which without our student loans we (I) can’t afford.

I’ve been really itching to get in the library. After spending 2 years at the local college, which has such a small library without a single feminism book, I find the current one a bit overwhelming. Everything is number coded not a label in site. We haven’t had our library induction so we cannot use the computers to find certain books yet so I head off for a wander through the stacks and stacks. All put so closely together that u cannot pass in the isles over 2 large floors. I found an entire section dedicated to feminism and the opposite masculinity. In the final section of the library all the art books were found although I have noticed quite a few scattered between the shelves and biology would be a good stop off for research to.
Yes I am a geek.. I am a degree student after all how can I not be.

Just arrived home safe.
I spent the rest of the afternoon sampling the freshers fair. Filling my stomach with free pizza, sweets, cookies, cola and spring rolls. Picking up a free tshirt and loads of leaflets that will most likely go straight in the bin when I get sorted. I am looking forward to my free greggs lunch tomorrow.
The adrenaline has left my body and the anxiety has passed and I am now left exhausted faced with a messy house from the final summer Weekend booze up with the besties and lover.

So that’s the story for the day

Thankfully I don’t have to deal with the terror of leaving home for the first time and living in halls this time round.
I spent a good part of the summer getting aquainted with the city so I have become quite accustomed to it.

I just can’t wait to get my studio and get started on my work.

Till tomorrow.

Mel x