Final Major Project, Week One

week one

After a workshop on mono-printing with Sara Cooper at Navigator North, I was inspired to create mono prints and experiment with presentation. Rather than the usual technique I tend to use of getting an impression of the ink through drawing on the reverse of the paper I choose to draw directly into the ink.

book trial of mono print
book trial of mono print
mono print framed book
mono print framed book

I also happily came across a lot of floristry wire. so I happily played with form.

3d drawing of female form in wire
3d drawing of female form in wire

At this point in the project I am still researching the history of art and the female form as well as being heavily involved in the planning of our final exhibition.


Final Major Project Proposal

As part of the Final Major Project I am required to document my progress week by week.

This blog will be part of that.

my proposal for my project:

During the duration of the HND I have produced a lot of work around myself, my experiences, my habits, my form, my limits and my moods. For the final major project of the HND, I propose to design and create a piece of work relating to the female form and explore the female gender and how the gender is looked upon and envisage herself “Thus she turns herself into an object — and most particularly an object of vision: a sight.” ( Berger, 1972, p47)

I wish to explore the topic, of the human form, more than what I have already concluded in my previous 2 projects. I plan to investigate, within this project, ideas around the concepts of (but not limited to): pattern, line, deconstruction and reconstruction, contortion, shape and movements. I plan to take initial inspiration from modern artist such as Louise Bourgeois, Helen Chadwick and Tracey Emin and art books such as ‘MOMA art since 1980’ and ‘This is Modern Art by Matthew Collins.

My intention of a final outcome, at this stage, is to produce a 2D piece of work however this may change as the project progresses.

My intentions are to start drawing from life, so I plan to gain access to a female life model preferably for a few hours every week. I plan to use all my experience I have gained throughout the last 18 months and continue to work as curiously as I currently do and to push the boundaries of my experimentation. I intend to stick to 2 dimensional mediums such as painting or printing for my investigations, though I will conduct experimental drawing through any medium that become available and relevant. Whether that is clay, plaster, paint, 2D, 3D, 4D, digital or analogue.

Though; development, analytical thinking, peer assessment and evaluating my work throughout; I will be able to establish the success of this project.

My most recent previous sculptures relating to the female form.

mini mes
family collection
female form sculpture
breast collection
self portrait
trial of self portrait
Easter Island Marquette

References: Berger,John. (1972) W ays of Seeing , 2008 14th edition, London: penguin books, p47