Forgotten user name and password

So over a year ago I lost my phone. This meant I lost my cache data. Randomly today I had a Facebook memory from about 2-3 years ago where I shared my WordPress page as part of a college project.

So user name found so I could now reset my password.

So what’s changed:

  • I graduated with a 2:1 degree in Fine Art. ‚úä
  • I am currently doing a 2 year PGCE (graduate in 2018)
  • I currently teach level 2 art and design 1 day a week
  • I occasionally run after school art groups.
  • Ive signed up to a gym to lose all the weight gained by eating sandwiches and coffee at university.ūüí™
  • I am about to embark on an epic journey of happy families and move into a house with my boyfriend and get a mortgage.
Family day out

What’s the same:

  • I still have 2 cats
  • Ive kept the same name.

Mature students university story.

Day two

Today we had a bit of a late start at 1330. We checked out the other pub for lunch when we arrived which had loads better options and was also cheaper and cleaner. Winner.
U had a bottle of cider with my dinner something I later regretted as I sat through a Library induction.

Considering it was a library induction we didn’t go into the actual library to have a look round. The induction was a basic power point of how to use it and I do admit that I still don’t have a clue.
I am a learn by doing sort of person and people stood talking without any interaction is the worst way for me to learn as I get completly distracted by the nearest shiny thing…

Ooo shiny.

We spent the late afternoon wandering round the middlesbrough institute of modern art meeting the curators.
A gallery that I have had a drawing displayed In when I was 1 of 50 participants for the chorus project.
Again I got distracted by shiny things.. this time it was a jenny holzer piece. Fantastic work. 

And then due to studying in the city of fog we got rained on and drenched on the way back to the car and got stuck in traffic rush hour. I’m currently laid in bed attempting to write this while my eyes do the flight path of slowly down and up again fighting the blackness of sleep that is attempting to overwhelm me.

Day 2 finished

Good night x

An art students mistakes

So as I start my journey on completing my art degree, that I started back in 2006, I am filled with memories of that time and the mistakes that I made.

10 things that u will probably buy that are useless and not worth the money:
1. Cheap paint in tiny tubes (dull and there isn’t enough)
2. Floppy sketch books
3. Cheap paper (the stuff that felt pens soak through)
4. Matching stationary (art students are nutorious pen thieves )
5. All the books on the suggested reading list ( use the library)
6. Cheap canvas to paint on. (Handy yes but look terrible)
7. A cheap digital camera ( get a proper one if u need to I suggest a nikon but u need to be able to change the settings on it and ur looking to spend ¬£300+  and then u probably won’t use it unless you decide that photography is your media of choice. Just draw everything instead)
8. New clothes. ( I give them a month tops before they are covered in stuff even Sunday best)
9. New shoes. She above.
10. All the equipment you think your going to need for the year all at once. ( I still have alot of materials left. Buy as you need just have a stock of general stationary and a decent sketch book)

Final Major Project. Week Six

Week 6.

By creating the frame on the canvas but not painting the full figure into the frame the form becomes not fully confined, a woman is not defined by her physical appearance so I have been deliberately framing my images in respect of this. I dislike creating a boundary for the female in my work, positioning her fully within the canvas, as it traps her onto the canvas. The white square contrasts against the curves of the female giving it an aesthetically pleasing arrangement and frame but also highlighting the difference between a man made frame and the organic shape of the figure.

the wrong figure
the wrong figure

Instantly recognised that the figure was not the correct composition for this painting.


the embossing drawing that I was going to work from.

embossed paper

The composition that I was originally going to paint

life drawing
life drawing

The figure that I decided to work from.

drawing out the figure
drawing out the figure

my colour palette for this painting is acrylic cobalt blue, white and ultra marine blue for depth.

almost finished
almost finished

and the week is only half finished so this week will continue to be updated